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Tornado Shelter or Storm Shelter for residential homes
Residential Safe Rooms

 Our residential steel safe rooms are specifically designed and constructed to resist wind pressures and wind-borne debris impacts found in up to an EF-5 Tornado or other severe storm event.

We can provide a steel safe room in either fully welded or bolt-together models that are ideal for adding to new or existing homes, garages, or stand alone outdoors.

Storm Guard Stairway

The Storm Guard III Stairway model is perfect for adding a storm shelter to an often difficult to use space in the home.  This model can be added to a new or existing straight or dogleg set of stairs.  

We know that stairs are often custom built to a home, so we are glad to discuss what you specifically need and provide you with the perfect solution.  

Of course, we love to install our steel storm shelters for you.  Partly, because it is what we enjoy doing , but also partly so we can be sure they are anchored correctly.  

However, we are glad to offer you the opportunity to save some money and install it yourself provided you have the desire, time and tools to do so.

Give us a call and we would be glad to explain the process for installing any of our storm shelters and provide you with options to potentially do the installation yourself.

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Do-It-Yourself Installation